The Buffington Effects Hobby Servo and Digital Controller allows you to control eight servos from a computer's serial port. What sets this servo controller apart from other servo controllers is that it has been designed with animatronics in mind. When multiple servo controllers are used together, you can control up to 378 servos at 30 updates per second. As a side benefit, if you do not need fast updates, you can control up to 65535 servos from a single serial line using multiple servo controllers. Another feature that should appeal to anyone doing animatronics is that you can individually set the range of rotation for each servo from a full 180 degrees to about 5 degrees. One final feature that sets this controller apart is that it can be configured to have eight on/off outputs instead of eight servo outputs. This allows you to control things such as lights, motors, fans, buttons, or pretty much anything that can function in an on/off manner. This controller accepts both the Buffington Effects data format as well as the Mini SSC data format.

Buffington Effects Hobby Servo and Digital Controller Documentation (229K)

Configuration utility for Servo and Digital Controller (17K)