Here are some examples of the sorts of robotic projects that we have worked on in the past.

This is a special camera rig that we built a controller for. The camera can pan, tilt, roll, and zoom. This camera is used for a place that offers "magic carpet rides" in Los Vegas and San Francisco. Click on the picture to see it in action.
This is the controller for the camera shown on the left. The user controls the camera using a modifier Playstation 2 game pad. A rotating platform and a few other devices are also controlled by this controller.
This is an automatic, two-axis camera mount that was used to automatically take a series of pictures so that a movie set could be rebuilt inside of the computer for special effects shots.
Here is another automatic camera mount. This one can only pan but the electronics have access to the camera's F-stop controls so that at each waypoint that the camera moves to it can take a series of pictures at different F-stops so that the amount of light present on a movie set can be reproduced in the computer more accurately.
This is a working mockup of a "space elevator", which is a novel idea of a way that we may be able to get into space in the future. It was made for a conference held in Washington D.C.
This is a project that was done for fun. It is a test platform for a Battlebot drive train. It uses either three or four omniwheels in such a way that the robot can go in any direction at any time in any orientation. All of the electronics for this project were custom designed by Buffington Effects.