Buffington Effects can bring your project to life
Buffington Effects has the facilities to design and fabricate nearly any electronic, robotic, or animatronic project. Whether it involves milling a part for your project, designing a piece of electronics, writing the software to control it, casting parts, or welding them together we have what it takes to get the job done.

Recent projects have been things like designing a controller for a company that provides customers with "Magic carpet rides". This company has three stores in tourist locations in San Francisco and Las Vegas that offer their clients the opportunity to take a "magic carpet ride" through the city that the store is located in. We designed some electronics that allow them to control a special camera rig that can pan, tilt, roll, and zoom as well as allowing them to trigger other devices such as DVD playback and rotate a platform that their clients sit on. We are producing controllers for some magician's tools for two different clients. Both of these involve using a hidden transmitter to trigger events to happen with their prop. Finally, we have produced a few animatronics for some Halloween events.

Any of our products can be customized to fit your application. If you need a different feature added to one of them or have a application that functions in a similar manner, let us know and we may be able to make it work. For example, a recent client does conservation work with large predatory land animals and needed a way to attract them so that they could be caught. Although not currently complete as a product, the Buffington Effects audio module was under development at the time. It was modified so that it would play a pre-recorded sound of a calf in distress for about three minutes then be silent for three minutes. It would repeat this for as long as it was turned on. Most recently, this device was used in South Africa to capture brown Hyenas