About Buffington Effects
Located in San Francisco, Buffington Effects is a company with a focus on creating technical solutions for the entertainment industry. Buffington Effects was founded as a sole proprietorship by Jack Buffington in 2002 as a part time consulting business and was operated out of a home office and workshop. In 2003, due to increasing demand for his services, Jack made running Buffington Effects his full time occupation. In 2004, Buffington Effect outgrew the home workshop that it was in and moved to a new location that provides more space to work on the increasing number of projects that it is receiving.

Buffington Effects is a company that strives to be able to produce nearly any sort of product or solution that our clients may need. We have the capability to design and manufacture electronic circuit boards. We have a mill and lathe that allow us to machine nearly any part imaginable out of metal, wood, or plastic. We have experience with composite materials as well as with molding and casting of silicones, urethanes, polyesters, plasters, and foam latex.

About Jack Buffington
Jack studied 3D modeling and animation at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. While still in school he developed an interest in robotics and animatronics. In 1997 he built his first robot, which competed in a competition called Robot Wars. He continued to learn more about electronics and programming in his spare time after the competition. By 2000 he had started freelancing, doing animatronic and robotic projects. Also in 2000 he found his first job doing work related to animatronics and robotics at the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory where he designed and built robotic lures that were used to catch birds of prey for a banding program that the Raptor Observatory is conducting. Jack left the Raptor Observatory in 2003 to run Buffington Effects as his full time career.

Buffington Effects is currently developing a series of products that will allow anyone with a computer to create mechanical animations, interactive exhibits, light shows, and more. We also do custom design and manufacturing work for our clients.

Recent News

January 2005 - We have been incredibly busy recently. Next month we will be expanding our crew to included Heather Dewey-Hagborg. Heather brings with her a background in sculpture as well as familiarity with the microprocessor and the C compiler that we use here at Buffington Effects. Work was started on Servo Animator 2.0 a few months back but that has stalled due to the workload that we have been experiencing. Progress on Servo Animator will continue as soon as things become manageable around here again.