The Buffington Effects Blinky Light Module allows you to make your props look like they are really functional. It has sixteen built-in patterns that you can select using a small rotary switch at the top of the board. The controller has the ability to control any number of LEDS but the standard that will be sold with it is sixteen. You can vary the speed of the pattern using a small potentiometer. Custom patterns can be created for an extra charge.

Here are the patterns that you can select from:

1-Back and forth sweep (like Knight Rider or a Cylon)
2-Sweep from left to right
3-Sweep from center outward
4-Simulated audio bar graph
5-Random single LED on at one time
6-All LEDs randomly on or off
7-One LED randomly inverting at a time
8-Two LEDs randomly inverting at a time
9-All LEDs random but not all change at the same time
A-Two LEDs blink at regular intervals - the others randomly
B-If connected to two 7 segment numerical LEDs, counts downward
C-If connected to two 7 segment numerical LEDs, counts upward
D-Counts upward in 16 bit binary
E-Counts downward in 16 bit binary
F-Three LED sweep from left to right

Pictured here is a fully assembled blinkly light module. The Blinky Light Module will ship without all of the LEDs installed. This allows you to install the LEDs into your prop as you would like them to be arranged. If you run wires to LEDs that you have arranged yourself, you can do things like have a lit LED move around a circle of LEDs or have seven segment numeric LEDS count up and down. You may not need all sixteen LEDs for your prop. It is possible to run the Blinky Light Module with only one or two LEDs attached to it. If you need more than 16 LEDs, we sell additional boards that allow you to connect up to 24 more LEDs each so that you can end up with any number of LEDs.

Below is a list of LED colors available. Please specify in your order how many of each type you would like.

		Color       Lens

		Red         Water clear, round 5mm ultrabright

		Red         Red frosted, round 5mm
		Yellow      Yellow Frosted, round 5mm
		Green       Green frosted, round 5mm

		Red/Green   Frosted White, round 5mm - dual color so you can choose your color later

		Red         Red frosted, round 3mm
		Yellow      Yellow Frosted, round 3mm
		Green       Green frosted, round 3mm

		Red         Dual seven segment numeric .6"