Here are some examples of the sorts of animatronic projects that we have worked on in the past.

This is a pair of animatronic cats that we built for a Halloween display. Each cat has twelve degrees of freedom. They are shown here in their unfinished state. Click on the image to see video of them when complete and installed.
Here is an owl marionette that one of our clients provided that we built a special rig to pull its strings so that it performed like an animatronic. Click on the picture for video of it in action.
This is one of a pair of animatronic eyes that we built. Each eye was independently capable of looking left/right, up/down, blinking, and raising its eyebrow.
Here is another view of the eye.
Here is a group of three owl animatronics. They were built for a place that is studying Northern Goshawks to be used as lures. Goshawks are very territorial during mating season and will attack anything that gets near their nesting site.
Another animatronic owl.
This is a flapping mechanism built for another place that is studying birds of prey. This mechanism was covered to look like a pigeon.
This is an internal Buffington Effects project to improve the quality of our soft-skinned animatronics.