Servo Animator 2.0 is currently being written (as of this update on 9/5/04) and will be a major upgrade to Servo Animator and will be targeted at professional level productions. It will take advantage of all of the new control electronics that are listed on this site. It will get rid of the on-screen sliders that are in version 1.2.1 of Servo Animator and will replace them with animation tracks that show the shape of the animation's waveform. This will allow users to fine tune their animations. Servo Animator 2.0 take input from a joystick or your own custom waldo. This program will allow users to change the frame rate of the animation if they desire or even to sync to an external SMPTE device. There will be filters available that allow you to do such things as smooth or sharpen the animation waveforms, automatically create animation based on sound volume which will make animating mouths easier, amplify and offset the animation's waveforms to adjust to changes in your animatronic's linkages. Servo Animator 1.2 supports only hobby servos but Servo Animator 2.0 will allow you to animate hobby servos, DC servo motors, on/off devices, MIDI devices, stepper motors, dimmable lights, and much more.

Below are some screen shots from the new version. For information about the current progress of this program, Click Here

This is the main interface.

Here is an example of what one of the filters looks like.

You can change the frame rate and number of frames in the Project Settings form.

You can change the functionality of an animation track in the Track Settings form.