September 7 All of the intended functionality for the first beta version is now complete. In addition to that some of the filter dialog boxes have been added. They don't actually filter anything yet but the sliders move and their captions update. I'll be doing some testing of my own for the next day or two and then releasing it to my beta team to see what they think.

September 6 Work was done today on getting groups functional. The user can now create groups and assign them to tracks. The user can also see a list of the tracks in the menu bar and can add or remove a checkbox next to the group name which will later allow them to show or hide the tracks in that group. Work is under way to be able to delete tracks.

September 3 The past few days have been mostly taken up with paying work. I haven't been seeking it out but it comes in anyway. Things could be worse. I could have no work coming in. Each day I have set aside a bit of time anyway to work on the program. It has turned out that connecting the project settings dialog box to the rest of the program is more involved than it initially appeared. It is completely connected now though. You are now able to zoom all of the way out by double clicking on the zoom cursor now and in the same vein, you can double click on the time display to switch between frames and SMPTE display.

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