The Buffington Effects CD2Serial unit is a piece of electronics that connects between a standard CD player and any serial device. It can be used in conjunction with Servo Animator and a servo controller like the Buffington Effects Servo Controller or the Mini SSC II. The CD2Serial unit is a good option when you have an animatronic that you want to control but do not want to dedicate a computer to it. Although the CD2Serial unit is intended for animatronics, it could control any other serial device that accepts baud rates of 9600 baud or lower.

The CD2Serial device does not work with all CD players. Typically it will work with higher-end players. If you purchase a CD2Serial device and it will not work with the CD player that you wish to use, you can return it to Buffington Effects and receive a full refund. See the documentation for a partial compatibility list. Download the documentation for the CD2Serial unit (207K)