The Buffington Effects 32+8 Motion Capture Device will provide an easy way to get up to 32 axis of motion data into any device that has a serial port. Servo Animator 2.0 will be able to accept its data. In addition to being an input device it will also allow you to puppeteer up to 32 servos without the need for a computer.

To use the 32 Channel Input Device, you will connect it to a 5K potentiometer for every axis that you want to capture. These potentiometers could be built into your own custom waldo or could be as simple as a series of linear potentiometers mounted to a flat surface.

The 32+8 Motion Capture Device will send its data out of a standard serial port in the Buffington Effects data format. You will be able to calibrate each axis to match the amount of travel that your potentiometer moves through. This means that if your potentiometer only moves through half of its travel, you can calibrate the 32+8 Motion Capture Device to scale its output to treat this as if it were the full range of travel for the potentiometer.

The +8 part of the name refers to the ability to capture data from up to eight buttons. When used in conjunction with the Buffington Effects Hobby Servo and Digital Controller you will be able to control up to eight on/off outputs in real time or if used with Servo Animator 2.0, you will be able to record up to eight channels of on/off events.

Documentation available soon